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For an unforgettable holiday, you need a home that is cut-out for you.

What’s your lifestyle?
luxury apartment


Large sizes, prestigious fittings, elegant atmosphere and very central locations are the main features of our luxury properties’ selection.
design apartment


Sophisticated design with comfort and privacy in the beating heart of the city. Enjoy your lifestyle during your vacation.
smart apartment


Small, practical, but very comfortable. Perfect for short stays, these houses have been designed to live as if you were a local.
Hemeras Boutique Homes is a Network Hotel dedicated to the traveler who looks for unique homes, with the freedom and privacy of a private accommodation and at the same time all the attention to details of a hotel. Although available in different city’s areas and styles, our boutique homes are similar in some very important details, details that are our quality assurance.

Sophisticated Style

Because we are convinced that it is important to be surrounded by beauty and a home must have a defined personality.
Duomo di Milano

Ideal location

Whether you are in the city or in the midst of nature, our houses will always be very close to the beating heart of the location.

Guest care

When you travel, the only thing you have to think about is relaxation and enjoyment. For everything else there is our customer support, online and on site.